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So what is there to know? Well actually there’s lots, especially as our Group is now over 60 years old!

There is never a dull evening at St. Luke’s as you’ll find at least one of our Sections meeting in our HQ every weekday. We’re a thriving Scout Group, taking part in many activities in District, County, and our community as a whole. If you’re wondering when each Section meets and what they do to fill a meeting, then look no further.

The Beaver Scout Colony hold it meetings on Tuesday evenings. The meeting starts at 6.00pm and lasts for an hour. This gives plenty of time for 6 to 8 years participate in the balanced learning programme, play games, take part in craft activities, and generally have fun. The Beaver motto is “Fun and Friends” and we encourage them to enjoy feeling part of a group of people who are learning new experiences together.

The Cub Packs Packs meet on a Wednesday and Thursday evening. On a Wednesday, the meeting starts at 6.30pm and finishes one and a half hours later. On a Thursday, the meeting starts at 6.45pm and finishes at 8.00pm. Both Packs enjoy programmes that are packed full of games, craft, outdoor activities, and learning new skills. Both Packs take in part Camps and Pack Holidays (indoor camps), where the Cubs have the opportunity to experience sleeping away from home as well as trying new activities, which in any other environment they would not get the chance to.

Our Scout Troops meet on Monday and Friday evenings. The Monday evening Troop meetings run from 7.30pm to 9.00pm and Friday evening start at the same time and finish at 9.30pm, (well it’s not a school night next day is it?). The Troops take part in Wide Games (games that often involve going outside and getting muddy!), learning life skills such as outdoor survival, navigation, and essential first aid. Outside of weekly meetings, the Scouts are encouraged to put all their new skills to use at camps, on hikes, and at County organised events. In the Troop there are also opportunities to gain qualifications such as canoeing 1 and 2 star, and first aid.

Working hard in the background is our Group Executive, Fund Raisers and Maintentance teams, who work hard towards keeping our HQ and Group in good working order and raising much need funds.

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